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Minute Man National Historical Park

Posted in Massachusetts, United States

Brendan and I were on our way down to Connecticut so we decided to stop in Massachusetts for a few hours and do some exploring. We had originally thought of walking around Walden Pond, but when we arrived there the parking lot was already full. The park restricts the number of visitors so I would definitely recommend getting there early, especially on summer weekends. My parents moved to Carlisle after I graduated from high school so our alternate plan was to go to the nearby Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord.  I just love the Concord area and I’ve been to this park many times but it never gets old. If you are a history buff, this park is a must see as it is the location of the Old North Bridge and of the first battle of the American Revolution. Situated just outside the bustling downtown Concord area the park is small and easily explored in a few hours. Concord is filled with history as well as lots of quaint shops, so I would definitely recommend spending a day here.


It was a hot day and what better way to cool off than to get a huge ice cream at Kimball Farm in Carlisle. Just a few miles down the winding country road, enjoy looking at the beautiful and historic homes before coming to Kimball Farm and trying to decide which flavor ice cream to get. Doesn’t it look delicious? And make sure to check out Hector the goat:)


Some of my recommendations for things to do in the Concord area