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Moss Glen Falls

Posted in United States, Vermont

If you are in the Stowe area of Vermont you have to hike to Moss Glen Falls! It’s about a 10-15 minute hike to the falls; the last part is pretty steep but it is completely worth it. I climbed a little farther up to the top of the falls hoping to get some different perspectives but I found the trees were either blocking the falls or it was too hard to see it. The best view is about half way up and directly across from the falls.

To get to the falls take Route 100 north of Stowe for 3 miles, take a right on Randolph Road, then another right on Moss Glen Falls Road. Follow the road about 1/4 mile until there is a sharp right turn and park in a small parking lot on the left. The trail follows the stream and is very obvious.

Happy Hiking!

Jen {July 2013}